We all go through it at some stage, and it never seems to get any easier! “Lifting, reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting and repetitive or sustained use of force can increase the risk of [any musculoskeletal injury]”, particularly lower back pain (WorkSafe Victoria, 2021).

Here are Caitlin’s top tips for moving house safely:

  • Have enough people for the job – ask for help lifting objects that are too heavy for you
  • Pack boxes to an appropriate weight rather than full to the brim – this may mean more boxes but they will be much easier to carry
  • Use proper lifting technique:
    • Keep load close to you
    • Squat down towards the load rather than bending forwards
    • Use your leg muscles to drive the movement up
    • Turn using your whole body rather than twisting to the side while carrying a load
  • Use trolleys if you have access to them! It is much easier to push/pull a heavier weight than carry it
  • Use handles where possible to reduce grip straining
  • Take regular breaks! Use this opportunity to stretch and sit down to rest

Any moving day is going to be physically demanding on the body, but if you can take an extra couple of seconds to think about doing things properly, you will be much better off!