Did you know that your physiotherapist can treat your Vertigo

Is your world SPINNING?

Ever felt the world is spinning when bending down to look in the mailbox? Perhaps just getting out of bed? Or even looking up to hang the clothes on the line?

If so, chances are you may have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).

BPPV affects 107 per 100 000 per year and most commonly occurs in adults, particularly as you get older.

BPPV occurs when crystals in the inner ear have shifted to fluid filled canals where they shouldn’t be! As these crystals accumulate they begin to interfere with fluid movement and send mixed signals to the brain, making you feel as though the room is spinning.
It is important to ensure neurological symptoms such as vertigo and dizziness are correctly diagnosed. BPPV is not life-threatening however it is important to make your doctor or physiotherapist aware to ensure the condition is correctly diagnosed and sinister pathologies are ruled out.

BPPV can be successfully treated by your physiotherapist using positioning manoeuvres to clear the crystals from your inner ear.
90% of symptom can be resolved within 1-3 treatment sessions2. These are significant results considering how debilitating vertigo can be.

So where to from here? If you are experiencing symptoms of vertigo book in with one of our physiotherapists for a thorough vestibular assessment and BPPV treatment plan. You could be finally rid of that pesky vertigo!