Have you caught the golfing bug after watching the Masters or are you a regular golfer? Either way this short blog may be of interest to you. Below we describe some key elements to the golf swing and outline some ways to train for better performance and injury prevention.

Golf has some key elements that should be trained in order to prevent injury and enhance performance. The elements include:

–       Posture and core control,

–       Weight shift and rotation,

–       The upper back, shoulders and arms

Each of these elements is active throughout the golf swing. Posture is essential to enable a suitable address of the golf ball to start the swing.  Body rotation and weight shift is required for an effective upswing and downswing as well as an efficient follow through. The upper body and arms need to be strong and stable enough to enable club control


Posture and core control –

Training should focus on pelvis, back and core musculature. Exercises start simple and progress to incorporate movements that are similar to that required within golf.

Weight shift and rotation –

Initially your physiotherapist will focus on making you aware of your body in space. This is done by using simple rotational movement as well as training your balance.  Once this is achieved we can progress to movement focusing on weight shift.  This will enable greater trunk rotation in the golf swing leading to more distance on the ball and decreased muscle soreness after the round.

The upper back, shoulders and arms –

When training the upper limbs it is essential that we enable our muscles to work in a collective yet sequential fashion during the swing. To do this we need shoulder blade control/stability, fast twitch movement in the shoulders, and strong yet soft grip in our hands. Once these are achieved we will practice combining the speed required with the delicate touch needed.

Training all of the above factors will allow your body to function at a higher level on the course. It will result in greater performance but also decreased the chance of injury and limit post golf soreness felt by many golfers.

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