Cricket is one of Australia’s most popular sports. However, injury can hamper performance and reduce participation. A study by Orchard et al (2006) has shed some light about the types and incidence of injury in Australian cricket.

Here are some points to consider:

What Are The Common Injuries?

The most common injuries in Australian cricket are:- side and abdominal strains, hand and wrist injuries, low back problems, groin and hip problems, thigh and hamstring strains, knee injury, shin/foot/ankle injury and shoulder problems. Thigh strains, ankle/foot/shin injury and low back problems seem to have the highest incidence.

Who Gets Injured?

Pace bowlers are by far the most injured cricketers. Age plays a factor in overall injury. Batsmen, spinners and wicket keepers over 31 years are very prone to injury. Interestingly, all pace bowlers are susceptible to injury but particularly those aged under 22 years. Perhaps this is a reflection on pace bowling being a predominantly young person’s endeavour.


Like all sports, good coaching may be a factor in reducing injury and enhancing performance. Good technique and practice should, in theory, lead to less strain on cricketer’s bodies. The so-called “mixed” bowling action may be associated with low back problems in fast bowlers. “Side on” and “front on” actions are thought to involve less strain on a bowlers’ lumbar spine and so less injury. Workload (number and intensity of bowling sessions per week) may play a factor. Governing this during training and games may also be important in reducing injury to fast bowlers in particular.

Fitness & Conditioning

The public’s common perception of amateur cricket being dominated by overweight/ unfit individuals may be unfair. However, fitness and conditioning may need to become a bigger part of the culture in lower grades of cricket. Paying attention to flexibility, core muscle control and general strength and conditioning should lead to better injury prevention outcomes in cricket.

Warm Ups

Proper warm ups and preparation in all grades is important and should assist in injury prevention.


Despite all of this, injury may still occur. Injured cricketers should make a beeline to their physiotherapist for proper treatment and rehabilitation.