Are you suffering persistent pain in your Achilles?

Too often we are overly conservative in the way we manage pain.

Rest is not the solution

Avoiding aggravating activities may eventually reduce your pain however once you return to these activities (usually ones we enjoy) the pain returns!


Often pain is caused by weakness or imbalance in the surrounding area, rest will only cause further muscle weakness and wasting, and may decrease the blood supply into the area.

You must take an active approach to ensure your Achilles can recover for the long term!

Your physio will:
manage the amount of “rest” you require
treat the aggravated area
create a personal program to challenge and rebuild the troublesome area

Effective rehab will ensure that you become strong and capable of performing upsetting activities pain free.

If you have worrying pain in your Achilles, our team at Watsonia Physiotherapy can enable you to take action and begin your journey to pain free movement!